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Mercury turning direct in Libra this week, after the Scorpio/Libra retrograde since Oct 15th which has maybe revealed the finer, tricky details of certain ideas/plans & dialogues in our lives?

Especially as Mercury is currently in a tense square with Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn, who are hell bent on challenging & transforming our most basic life paradigms; to hopefully expand our awareness of who we are, what we are capable of & how to relate to one another on a whole new, powerful level of spunky authenticity. Which is brilliant to re-imagine our beliefs, what really matters & imbue our relationships with fresh clarity accordingly- yes. But also some pretty gnarly self reflection & challenging interpersonal dynamics, if we happen to be hanging on to old patterns that are clearly not working at this point...

So there's not much wriggle room in avoiding key conversations or walking our talk in the world-it feels like high time to gather our thoughts (as confused as they may have been lately), keep it real and step forward in the true courage of our convictions no matter what huh?

Because the thing is Mercury direct in Libra allows us to do beautiful diplomacy, to express our truth with harmonious intentions rather than just stirring the pot for the sake of being right or whatever. Maybe the true gift of this Mercury direct is renewed confidence in our own principles & self expression, where we are comfortable enough in our own intentions we don't need to prove anything to anybody else; the better to pick up the phone/open up with our loved ones & just speak from the heart sans agenda. This could be so lovely for renewed, honest connection!

Happy Mercury direct folks x


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