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Mating season much?

So Mars in Aries has been revving up our general lust for life this year, but also retrograde since mid September has been kind of thwarting actual instant gratification, which has been frustrating but the good news is we get our mojo back when Mars turns direct from Nov 14th -and more on our broader success/determination to thrive/energetic ambition from mid Nov later...

But meanwhile this post is specifically about how the masculine principle of lusty desire has felt so promising yet strangely thwarted lately in our love lives -as in if we're into men they've not necessarily been as available as we would like and/or if we are male we have been questioning our own romantic/sexy confidence? So our relationship dynamics have been about giving the men time to go sort themselves out; which has actually been a beautiful thing in terms of patient, mutual understanding of the issues coming up, to finesse our connections with lovely empathy-yes. But still, if we are wondering when we get some hot love action to turn us on already??

...That would be Mars direct from Nov 14th-with the confident momentum to pick up the pace & chase or be chased by whoever we desire... yay finally! I mean also as Mars switches directions in storm phase on the Scorpio New Moon of the 15th, yikes the feelings are more volatile than usual & could be tricky psycho/sexual tensions or anger issues triggered so we want to watch that! But if we can navigate this with emotional intelligence, it's all part of the process to clear the air, deal with the vulnerability & get real about our desires as honestly as possible in order to love like we mean it...

Because meanwhile just as Mars is getting ready to get his act together, we have a magnetic opposition between Venus in romantic Libra & Mars waking up in hot-blooded Aries Nov 10th; for the sexy, dynamic chemistry to spark up our most promising attractions/love affairs/partnership passion & what we want to do about it. So if we are suddenly so clear this week about that special someone/partner who deserves our full attention/a crush that could be reciprocated or meeting someone new that feels so right -yes it could be totally exciting, to chase that up with seductive prowess that only gets better from mid month onwards.

Happy mating season folks x

Image: Cyd Charise & Fred Astaire rocking it.


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