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Mars into Capricorn, in the last few days awakens our fierce, ambitious determination to thrive, and invites us to be impeccable in the integrity & discipline with which we do it.

And Venus in Capricorn, moving direct in the next few days, clarifies the important values, desires & higher ideals that we are seeking to manifest; with all our focused hard work.

Wow, what a dynamic, sexy, motivating week to align our lush appetites/desire nature with clean, lean, effective habits and our capacity to make stuff happen!

Time to become clear about what powerful creatrixes we can be, if we take responsibility for what we want -and if it's actually healthy for us, following through with ferocious perseverance. It almost feels like magic, how much we can create our own reality right now, with the simple combination of clear intentions & right action... know what I mean?

And Mars & Venus are about to get along very well, coming into a conjunction that lasts for months. So self-aware, consciously intentional men and women are going to inspire & support one another beautifully, to shine & live the most wonderful lives they can. Productive, supportive relationships in all areas of life are becoming so important!

And I have covered extensively the hot love/romance action this brings, in my recent Mating Season Magic post-check that out if you're feeling sexy? Also lots more love detail for your sign, with the February, mating season horoscopes coming soon...

Meanwhile let's get real clear about our personal potential, with such inspiring astro to radiate our lovely light in the world x

Image: Tony Thornburg


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