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So Mars in Aries from June 28th 2020-Jan 6th 2021 is a helluva long stay for Mars in one sign-especially so strong in his home turf of Aries -so the fired up energy of this has been quite the theme for this year..

I mean have we noticed much?? Aggro, frustration, tetchy power trips, identity politics, issues around personal sovereignty & independence, chasing ambitious entrepreneurial opportunities against the odds; its been classic Mars in Aries rising up, seeking gutsy expression.

The positive of this of course is a raging, positive lust for life, dynamic energy levels, sexy libido in our love lives & spunky confidence on our own, individual terms. But also we do not like being thwarted one bit here; so the downside has been hair-trigger moods, massive tantrums & conflict when we don't get our own way, including temptation to spiral into frustrated self-doubt when we can't make stuff happen. Which brings me to Mars retrograde since Sept 10th; which has been such a stage of goddamn thwarted plans, setbacks, relationship drama etc, to fully trigger all the blowback & volatile outbursts mentioned above-geez it's been challenging! But also ideally, we have kinda held it together enough to realise it's been time to hold back, learn from our mistakes, finesse the plan as much as it takes to get it right, allow one another plenty of space to blow off steam & generally chill the fuq out rather than give into destructo reactions.

So the the fab news is yay - Mars is finally turning direct, and preparing to move forward right now -OMG finally! So if we're feeling the life force beginning to rise up again, and call to renew our positive, pro-active attitude, yes it's absolutely coming at us for the rest of the year...

But also a little caveat; Mars is still in storm phase this week as he changes directions, maybe flushing out residual frustrations of recent months so it could be volatile for the moment as we pull ourselves together again. So maybe we pace ourselves just a bit, even for the next few days, as we focus our intentions rather than charging forward blindly/rocking the boat just for the sake of ego/ proving a point huh?

Because if we can pick up the pace with intelligence -honestly we are increasingly fully onto it; to rise up singing & seize the day with such spunky, charismatic swagger in coming months. We are all phoenixes rising up to our full potential, success outcomes & authentic self expression in the the world- let's do this people!!!

Image: Mikhail Baryshnikov by Arthur Elgor


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