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"We are serpents shedding our skin, in the fields of illusion'

Zisa Aziza

March is here, and the scopes are up.

So I've been talking for a while about patiently preparing, for brewing changes to fully get moving-and now we are here. March has two major planets changing signs, for a fully transformative new era we can finally embrace!

-Saturn leaves Aquarius from March 7th. After 2.5 years drilling down on the rules of collective responsibility vs authoritarian collectivism- in relation to the boundaries of personal sovereignty. Hopefully we have figured out that respecting our tribe is the same as the tribe respecting our our individuality-to cultivate a healthy paradigm where everyone thrives? Then Saturn in Pisces from for the next few years, for the spiritual/creative discipline to dream wisely, to manifest this new chapter as consciously as possible.

-Then the big one is Pluto replacing Saturn in Aquarius from March 23rd. To begin a 19 month transition, to properly settle in Aquarius for the next 20 years, from 2024! Although 'settle' may not be quite the right term. This is a rare, rut busting, disruptive, empowering transit to phoenix into a whole new way of being.

-On a collective level, I will quote the wonderful Eric Francis from Planet Waves:

"Pluto in Aquarius will influence the entire realm where social reality meets technology, and where individuals intersect with groups. Are we looking toward a period of total domination by “collective” forces, or of aspiration to true individuality?"

-On a personal, individual level, I have written about the part your chart /area of life where Pluto rebirth is occurring, with the March horoscopes here.

Happy March folks, it looks so exciting, regenerative and the chance for a fully positive, productive attitude. Let's embrace wild & wonderful times x

Image: Susan Ringler.


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