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With the Full Moon of April 6th in Libra, you begin the month aligning with your own emotional clarity. With no other planets in Libra, it’s just the pure truth of how you feel and fully trusting your own instincts shining through; sans being distracted by analytical or practical concerns. And this comfortability in your own skin/emotional intelligence will stand you in good stead:

Because actually April is all about dealing with other people and relationship dynamics; and it’s nice to feel you can hold your own when it comes to successful relating.

I mean you totally appreciate this vibe, as such a skilled diplomat, loyal friend, social butterfly and artful lover. You are quite the people person and really value harmonious relationships. You are in your element here.

The focus is on all your connections, including platonic, family, biz collabs etc. And yes especially romance and the Libra love life -it’s mating season!

So this Full Moon is opposite Chiron/Sun/Jupiter conjunct, in your 7th house of love and partnership. A really beautiful energy, to make loving fun. Jupiter brings a positive, trusting attitude to love large, with as much unconditional acceptance of one another as possible. Not so much cramping one another’s style with stifling expectations. The better to embrace Chiron, revealing and healing any wounded feelings/issues that have been brewing. The intention to seek harmony and balance, to ameliorate tensions is so effective, for sweet mutual understanding.

Then the New Moon, Hybrid Solar Eclipse is powerful mating mojo:

The Eclipse is in your 7th house of partnership, conjunct Jupiter. To the extent New Moons are fresh emotional clarity, this one is all about finessing the quality of commitment in your key connections. Again, not so much heavy demands; as really taking the time to understand one another’s needs. Yes unconditional devotion and loyalty is important, to be there for one another no matter what. Also the emotional oxygen, to enjoy the freedom to be your true selves when together, and space to explore your individual dreams & schemes as well. The better to support each other’s expansive growth, and thrive as a couple (or whatever other relationship status is going on). You do adore this mutual respect, and you’re good at it, right?

Also this Moon is conjunct the Destiny Point, in your 8th house of emotional intimacy, sex and financial entanglements. Which is so relevant, because even though this Eclipse is officially in your 7th house; 15 mins after being exact the Moon moves into your 8th house, followed by the Sun 4 hours later:

To reveal deeper, more complex aspects of the connections you really care about. Passions are running high with certain people. And vulnerable interdependence is a thing, with the challenge to keep it mutually empowering.

Especially Mercury conjunct Uranus, also in your 8th house. It’s all about mentally exciting mutual fascination, radical new ways to share your feelings with your loved ones, and weird synchronicity with which people flit in and out of your life. To reveal an important new perspective, about where your most important entanglements are heading…

Meanwhile 3 planets, fresh in the first degrees of new signs, are in aspect early April -Mars in your biz sector, Saturn in your work sector and Pluto in your talent sector. A pretty great synergy to begin the month, in terms of transforming whatever you are uniquely good at; with a disciplined creative process and pragmatic day-job strategy, for confident, determined professional progress in the world. Quite the success machine this month, in between all the love/relationship action.

Image: Zahia Dehar

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