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Libra Full Moon, exact 2.43pm April 6th, AEST.

To the extent Full Moons are always about a rising up of whatever emo has been brewing throughout the month, in Libra it's all about seeking harmony and balance. Which is especially important and challenging, to maintain equanimity in these crazy times. Libra energy understands the duality of the world, always finessing the balance between opposites-to find an intelligent point of harmony, we can focus our attention upon:

-We focus on our own emotional equilibrium. Because of course the more we remain aligned with our own truth; the more we can work the creative process that Libra does so well. To manifest our goals and dreams with as much style, flair and artful living as possible.

-We focus on relationships big time. I mean yes this can bring out the bossy boots in all of us, as we are so on point with our own game, we think we know what's best for everyone else as well. But luckily the Libra trick is keeping that iron fist in a velvet glove; being so supremely skilled at sweet, clever diplomacy in all of our relationship dynamics. So this Moon is great to get along with each other, cultivate healthy love and encourage one another's personal excellence as we go. And yes this includes lovely romance; Libra loves to be in love -so ideally our marriage, partnership, dating & seduction magic flourishes under this Moon x

And to the extent we can be a bit perfectionist, with ourselves and our loved ones here? (yes Libra does unrealistically perfect expectations, just as much as Virgo). The real magic of this Full Moon is being opposite Sun conjunct the healer Chiron, with positive Jupiter involved:

-Chiron nurtures a healthy relationship with ourselves. We appreciate our own human flaws just as much as our unique brilliance-to find a balanced, realistic take on optimum personal growth. Beautiful, honest self acceptance is such a gift with the wounded healer Chiron.

-The better to accept our loved ones, in all their flawed glory that we adore, in the same spirit. I can see some lovely conversations, intelligent negotiations and sweet pillow talk between people who really care about one another here. Whether platonic/biz/family or sexy love-we are cultivating genuine, compassionate connection...

Because Jupiter just wants the oxygen to expand, with as much confidence as possible. To embrace our dreams and personal freedom, without tedious, bourgeois obligations cramping our style. And as much unconditional love as we can manage, for beautiful relationships that affirm everyone involved. Positive affirmations, we can share are the bomb!

Happy Libra Full Moon folks x

Image: the wonderful Moonchild Tarot.


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