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So you’ve been loving Venus in your self-expression sector lately; to embrace that natural talent, creativity & showing off your flamboyant brilliance you are so famous for.

So now it’s time to walk your talk, with Venus into your 6th house of work ethic, efficient daily routine, health & wellbeing strategies from Nov 5th till early March. Plenty of time to be pragmatic & get your act together…

Perfect to finesse the skills you’ve been playing with, to full professional advantage. And not only be staggeringly good at what you do on the job, but also shmick, polished & charming to schmooze the kind of work relationships & biz collaborations that make it easier to do what you enjoy, with people & organisations you can actually relate to.

The better to create a balanced, fulfilling work/life balance-the kind of success that also allows the fulfilling, dolce-vita lifestyle you adore.

And ok, Venus here can exacerbate indulgent tendencies, so you want to watch scoffing cream cakes/champagne etc or swan around doing fuq-all cos you’re feeling leisurely, lol. I mean yes, permission here to smell the roses & enjoy life-why the fuq not, the world is batshit crazy & you might as well take your pleasures where you can huh?

But it does pay to keep those pleasures as wholesome as possible. Why not get off on a health kick/eating deliciously nourishing food/how good a yoga practice, walking in nature etc feels and connecting with your loved ones for emotional wellbeing? This is all about healthy, wealthy & wise balance-to have a good time but also keep a clean body/personal habits & positive attitude, to keep your sense of purpose clear in the world. Know what I mean?

And speaking of fulfilling personal life; Mars in your family/domestic sector from Nov 1st brings your attention firmly to the home base. You are suddenly so energised, to make where you live somewhere you want to be. Fab for running around getting your dwelling/real estate scenario in order, on a practical level. Or asserting yourself with whatever fam/co-hab dynamics are going on, to clear the air & get on better. But you do want to watch Mercury joining Mars from the New Moon of Nov 5th -this could be gorgeous clarity with your tribe or just bickering for the sake of it-choose wisely, of course.

And I tell you what, if you’re keen to get sexy this month; it’s far more likely with a shacked up lover/partner you are willing to deepen the commitment with. Or if single/on the prowl, maybe your next hot date staged on home turf for maximum seduction potential.

Meanwhile, the New Moon of the 5th in your domestic sector is opposite Uranus in your career sector. Which means the more you have a clear sense of the home base, the more you can go forth and shake up the world with weird & wonderful professional schemes right?

Image: Bruno Benini


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