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So Jupiter in Pisces mid May had us so deliriously excited to follow our wildest dreams-which yay, will come to pass in the coming year. But meanwhile Jupiter retrograde from late June has been a bitch, right? It's been challenging, to see our most exciting plans & visionary confidence encounter tedious setbacks & dreary ridicule from certain people who don't appreciate our inspiration. And worse, the temptation to let our own fears & self doubt creep in to undermine our momentum-which we have been valiantly resisting of course...

And the reward is Jupiter direct from Oct 18th... a fresh rush of exuberant vitality to embrace our full, fabulous potential, the courage to embark on the next big adventure in our lives and the positive attitude to have fun as we go-just because it feels good to be alive! Yes I know this sounds corny-but the renewed sense of embracing our hopes & dreams right now really is that good!!

Especially with Pluto & Saturn direct recently (which I have discussed in previous posts), where certain control freaks & power trips going on around us have begun to loosen their grip, to the extent we are willing to shake them off. With lots more emotional oxygen, personal autonomy, radiance & bravado to go forth and live like we mean it.

And Jupiter moves forward trine Mars in Libra; so the Libran influence is on the one hand we are slightly indecisive about our next move, initially, but once we know what we're doing we have the sheer energy to back us up, whilst keeping our relationships & support networks harmonious-and we do it all with style & classy charisma!

And it's only going to get better with Jupiter back in Pisces from Dec 30th; for truly inspired new years resolutions to intentionally, magically manifest a wonderful 2022 -so that's something to look forward to. Meanwhile let's begin by keeping our intentions clear, high vibrational and finessing the new momentum of Jupiter direct this month huh? Bless x

Image: Tim Walker.


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