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Cancer New Moon, exact 4.31am, July 18th AEST. To the extent New Moons always fresh emotional perspective, in Moon ruled Cancer our emotional intelligence is especially powerful.

Cancer New Moons are lovely alignment with our gut instincts, spooky intuition and clarity about nurturing ourselves and one another. We are all kooky weirdos, as we follow the directives of our creative impulses-which tend to be quite genius here. As well as caring empaths, who love and accept one another as we go.

And even if we must bitch & moan about each other's foibles, or cruel circumstance? We try not to dwell on it for long -realising much better to keep dreaming up fresh ways to relate, and follow our intuition to create new possibilities right?

Because this Moon is so potent, opposite Pluto and trine Neptune:

Pluto brings our limbic, hungry desire nature to the fore. We know what we want, to feel satisfied!

Of course the question is are we transfixed by obsessive/addictive needs, that drive us unconsciously? Or do we select the appetites we choose to feed, in a healthy transformative way, to genuinely nourish our emotional growth?

Neptune invites us to tell the difference; between divine inspiration & sacred unconditional love or ridiculous hare-brained schemes and delusional connections that zap our energy?

It can be a fine line, of course, with slippery Neptune. We crave rapturous moments of creative & spiritual inspiration -yes so deeply satisfying, to fill our cup right now. But also need to watch the narcotic temptation of losing ourselves in any unrealistic dreams...we're not prepared to follow through?

And we crave delicious, deeply intimate love connection, with sex magic Pluto and soulmatey Neptune involved. Yes this Moon could bring us so much closer to our special someone, or truly destinal timing to meet someone promising! But also prime time to become intoxicated with bonkers, delusional crushes or unhealthy victim/saviour nonsense which ultimately becomes a toxic power trip. Obviously we watch that like a hawk, right?

Happy Cancer New Moon, folks -let's keep it emotionally honest and real x

Image: Serg Nahaev.

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