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Well hello 2022 ...looking forward to positive new energy, to slay the nonsense of the last few years, wake the fuq up and move on already! And the January scopes are up, to get our groove on...

We have lucky, expansive Jupiter fresh in enchanted Pisces, to inspire our wildest dreams & manifesting magic.

We have Mars in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, for the rebellious, life affirming energy to live free like we mean it.

We have Venus/Pluto passion, to dig deep into our desire nature -the better to ditch our toxic addictions and indulge our delicious, healthy appetites.

We have Uranus square Saturn, for thrilling clarity about how to be free of the control system -and remember...'to live outside the law you must be honest'

Happy New Year folks, let's make it a good one x And lots more detail for your sign here.

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