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Capricorn Full Moon is on, exact 4.39am June 25th AEST.

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month -and in Capricorn there is always some kind of emotional discipline going on, to keep it together. Our tendency is a stoic, responsible stance, to stay focused on our goals & do the right thing, or ok at least the socially acceptable thing with our personal, family & biz relationships. We want to get ahead, maintain optimum physical & financial wellbeing and look after our tribe in equal measure -which can be a balancing act right?

Sometimes trying to be strong is a fantastic , character building thing, to come to terms with how much we can achieve under duress. And with so many planets retrograde right now-including Mercury in storm phase just switching directions out of retro, there is a certain barometric pressure; as so much progress we are trying valiantly to pull off seems so close but still maddeningly stalled for the moment. This requires extraordinary, persistent determination, which yes this Capricorn Moon brings to the fore beautifully.

But also, sometimes we try so hard to be perfect we forget to actually take time out/nurture ourselves and then liable to burn out or crack when it all gets too much. It's really important to do self care right now, and pace ourselves with a measured, realistic sense of keeping our priorities clear.

Because the main planetary influence on this Moon is lucky Jupiter, retrograde in Pisces. Which means we are dreaming big, visionary dreams that are totally meant to come true-yes! But also might take till early 2022, when Jupiter moves forward again in Pisces & properly picks up momentum of our most idealistic goals. So right now we remain positive, focused on the stuff we can control, blissfully detached from the stuff we can't control and staunchly avoid wasting precious energy on naff distractions or excessive, self destructive indulgence just cos we're frustrated by life-know what I mean?

Happy Capricorn Moon folks. Lets aim for healthy, wealthy, wise & meaningful success -however long it takes x


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