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So your ruler Mercury, retro in your home sector since late August, and Venus retro, in your Mercury ruled communication sector recently? You may have had to negotiate certain tricky dialogues, that haven’t felt ready to resolve yet? Especially to do with family and domestic dynamics, that have their own particular emotional complexity.

And it kind of sucks for you, the most articulate sign of all who can usually swing any conversation to advantage, with your unique verbal alacrity right? Feeling tongue tied just aint your natural thing!

So you love that the month begins with Venus direct, from Sept 4th. Maybe certain misunderstandings begin to dissolve, of their own accord as you naturally find harmonious, mutual understanding with the people you’re dealing with. Or even if you have to reach out, and make the effort to communicate more effectively? You find your silver tongue, clever verbal wiles return; to schmooze, network, flirt etc with that persuasive genius you do so well.

I mean ok Bitch Lilith also in your communication sector, quintile Pluto in your 8th house of emotional entanglement is going on. As much as certain, simple conversations resolve themselves easily this month; others involve deeper emotional waters.

As much as the most complex power trips and dramatic passions reveal themselves in full, volatile fury right now? So do your communication skills rise up to meet the challenge, and ideally work out mutually empowering ways to deal with it-one way or the other.

Especially Mercury direct, just in time for the New Moon of Sept 15th in your home sector. In a grand trine with Pluto in your sexy 8th house and Uranus in your soul sector:

Maybe you realise how much your loving family matters, and how much they appreciate you in return. Lovely, unconditional support for one another, as you pull together as a devoted tribe; overcomes any tedious disagreements about trivial crap. Same goes for your loving partner-the powerful commitment you share overcomes whatever bitchy argument you last struggled with. To respect one another’s core, spiritual values as you move forward like proper soulmates? Nice one.

Or maybe certain, intractable issues with family/domestic dynamics actually reveal themselves to be fully toxic? If so, this could be the astro to speak up for yourself and work tough-ass boundaries. If any smart dialogues become necessary, to disentangle yourself from some legal/fam/emo drama-you’re all over it!

The better to free yourself, either way, to go forth and embrace how you really want to live. Because Mars energising your 5th house, is a great time to play:

You get the buzz of your innate creative talent, shameless self promotion, confident self expression, fun times doing stuff you love and quality time with your lover for sweet romance. Permission to enjoy whatever turns you on this month -feels so good!

Then the Full Moon of Sept 29th in your social sector, with Saturn in your biz sector opposite Bitch Lilith:

The people who get what you’re on about, become your solid tribe on the social and professional scene. And as for the judgemental types-you’re too busy shining to give a fuq what they think, obviously.

Image: unable to find original credit for this fabulous picture.


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