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Well it’s really all about Mars firing up your sign, for a super rare, lengthy visit from last August till late March 2023. So whatever else is going on this month, is energised by your confident, libidinous, spunky lust for life.

Beginning with Venus in your 5th house of talent & creative self expression opposite lucky Jupiter in your social sector Oct 2nd. Perfect to feel self assured, about being your true self with your crew and that sparkly, social butterfly/networking thing you are so famous for.

Especially the Full Moon of Oct 10th, conjunct the healer Chiron in your social sector opposite Sun/Venus in your 5th house. And radical Uranus in your soul sector square Saturn, to come to terms with chasing your most visionary dreams in a realistic way:

Any uncharacteristic awkward, self doubt you’ve been feeling about your place in the world? You get that it’s ok to be kind of weird, as your unique perspective is exactly what people find most fascinating about you.

Lurking in the background feeling like an outsider, because you fear the judgement of having a different point of view-not so much, as such a social creature it just aint your style to be a lone wolf.

So being the change-agent you want to see in the world, magically manifesting the hell out of your clear intentions and inspiring others to do the same-Yes! As a beacon of innovative talent, the more you embrace this the more you have a good time with the tribe who appreciate your vibe, right?

Also Venus in your 5th is sweet, for fun romance. And activating your social sector, if single/dating the more you are out & about, sharing cool ideas & fun in the world; having a stimulating chat with some like-minded cutie could spark up flirty attraction at warp speed!

Then Venus trine Mars, by Oct 18th is even more spectacular love chemistry. Mars in Gemini has you smoking hot, with the confidence to pursue any seduction you currently desire. I mean your crush/lover/partner is more likely to reciprocate the feelings mid month, so why not make your intentions clear?

And Venus square Pluto in your sex/intimacy sector adds emotional depth. If you do have some complex entanglement going on, you handle the intense passions rising up beautifully. Whether a love affair is beginning, ending or ready to transform to next level commitment; you embrace the psycho-sexual dynamic with supreme emotional intelligence. Maybe a chance to really love like you mean it?

Then Venus in your 6th house, work/lifestyle sector from Oct 23rd - to tune into creatively manifesting the most productive and pleasurable work/life balance you can.

Because the New Moon of Oct 25th is a Partial Solar Eclipse, exactly conjunct Venus in your 6th house. Trine Mars in your sign -activating the 2nd house of income & financial security.

Primo astro, for fresh inspiration about working your natural talent on the day job, for maximum job satisfaction, making good coin doing what you do -in a way that supports your most enjoyable, fulfilling lifestyle.

Then lucky Jupiter, retro into your biz sector from Oct 28th awakens any broader vocational ambition you were thinking about last April. Big, brazen career plans you’ve been brewing get re-activated; and by the time you’ve finessed the plan, Jupiter direct late November to launch your professional brilliance in the word. Something to look forward to!

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