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So we need to talk about the action in your 5th house of talent, creative expression, showing off, good times doing stuff you love with loved ones & sweet romance this month -it looks like fun!

Mars in your 5th house Sept 15th-Oct 30th fires up your fabulous lust for life, with an energising sense of your full personal potential & healthy confidence shining bright…

But also your ruler Mercury, retrograde in your 5th house Sept 28th-Oct 18th suggests you pay attention to detail. Because do admit your clever mind is susceptible to dart around; with an alarmingly brief attention span between moments of incandescent genius and scattering energy on naff distractions, lol.

Which is totally exacerbated by Mercury retro; so especially by the New Moon of Oct 6th in your 5th house, you want to keep the focus clear on whatever turns you on/finesse the creative process you are on about huh?

Then Mercury conjunct Mars, just in time for Saturn direct in your vison sector from Oct 11th. To drill down on the discipline required to ditch any bonkers schemes, and make your most realistic hopes & dreams viable.

And the reward is Mercury direct, just in time for Jupiter direct in your vision sector from Oct 18th, trine Mars in your fun 5th house. This is such excellent new clarity to embrace positive momentum, putting your brilliance out there in the world, get your groove on and enjoy yourself as you go, just because if feels good to be alive!

Meanwhile Venus in your partner sector from the 7th is nice for love action -more likely to have someone gorgeous on your radar, bringing romantic attention your way. Especially Venus opposite nurturing Ceres in your sign, with passionate Mars in your romance sector energised by lucky Jupiter around the 18th. To cultivate a genuine, sexy connection with your lover because you both care deeply, actually or if single/dating right now, more likely to meet someone cute for romantic thrills.

Image: Jerry Hall


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