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Mars in your social sector for ages this year is so positive for that social butterfly confidence of yours – I mean as the most people oriented sign of all, you adore the stimulation of mingling with your tribe & the buzz of healthy human interaction. So you’re loving the energy of community participation, with that natural tendency to get amongst it in 2020 -yay but also a few complicating factors this month:

Bitch Lilith on Mars is a kind of maverick attitude, where you’re stirring the pot/being a bit of a rebel on the scene, more so than actually fitting in as such. Which ok is timely, with everyone rubbing up against each other’s wildly differing opinions in these fluxy times, and hopefully you are enjoying the frisson of robust debate etc constructively? But then again Mars retro till mid Nov might have you feeling temporarily drained by the drama, and frankly a bit over it…

So any lockdown etc in your part of the world may be cramping your style dammit, but then again maybe a welcome reprieve to maybe step back a bit to conserve your energy huh? You’ll be back with bells on in Nov, just so you know.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 2nd in your social sector on the healer Chiron has you particularly sensitive about all this, with lovely instincts to finesse where & with whom you want to share your precious time right now.

And also in your personal life. I mean Saturn/Pluto in your 8th house of sex & intimacy have been ramping up the passionate intensity lately; whether hot chemistry to turn you on or thrashing out deeper, difficult issues around commitment/mutual emotional obligation/financial entanglement with loved ones. Gosh it’s real either way! And the great news is lucky Jupiter direct & Venus in your home sector this month to lighten up any tensions going on here; to bring a fab, abundant, positive new vibe to spunky, authentic connection with the people most dear to your heart. Nice one!

Then the New Moon of the 17th lightens the vibe even more, to embrace some life affirming creative expression & fun in your life. I mean especially with Mercury retro in your work sector you’re not forcing any professional commitments for the moment, so why not take some time out for playful, quality time to do whatever you most love huh?

Image: Riley Montana for MAC Cosmetics “Le Disko” Summer 2015 Collection ”


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