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So Mars now officially retrograde, till January is kind of slowing us all down, to figure out what we’re on about before charging forward. And you are perhaps the sign most effected by this, as it’s all happening in Gemini!

I mean Mars spending a rare, extended visit in your sign, from August this year till next March is massively energising. You’ve no doubt been enjoying a limbic rush of physical vitality, dynamic confidence & lust for life; and it feels like nothing can hold you back from anything you want to do… Yes, permission to identify as an unstoppable success machine right now.

But the matter of Mars retro from Nov 1st is a bitch of the way to begin the month? Will this cramp your style & kybosh all that burning charisma rising up within you?? Let’s talk about the pros & cons:

A golden rule of Mars retro is anyone who initiates conflict is destined to lose, and anyone who finds themselves on the defensive, if they are being attacked will prevail if they keep their own counsel. As a not particularly aggressive sign, who is extremely clever & subtle about playing the game of life -this could be highly advantageous…

So you may realise certain arguments are not favourable, no matter how much bitchy desire you have to prove a point. And you are smart enough to read the room, so to speak, the better to ignore any antagonism; as you stealthily work out the best strategy in the background.

Same goes for any new projects/expansive life plans you’ve begun recently or hoping to initiate soon. You get it’s not time to force the issue, for the moment. Especially if there are weird, unexpected delays or obstacles; you don’t get frustrated and certainly do not have some crisis, doubting your own instincts/personal confidence. Much better to quietly finesse the integrity of your goals, dark horse style; before fully unleashing your brilliance upon the world next Jan. And it’s so character building to cultivate patience in the meantime, huh?

Same goes for romance. Even though your seductive wiles are hot as hell & you are hungry like the wolf for love, with hot-blooded Mars involved -you get it’s not so much being the hunter/chasing anyone right now.

Your seductive superpower is sexy mystery …to lure someone toward you because of your inscrutable, magnetic charm. The object of your desire can’t quite figure you out, which drives them wild with desire. Ha, as such a complex, fascinating creature, do admit you are a natural at this? I mean don’t get me wrong -as much as you’re quite the wild card, if on the dating/flirty scene; it’s not so much playing headfuq games just for kicks, which are more likely to go sideways here.

More that it’s better to let your lover/crush/partner figure out how they feel about you, and allow them to reveal themselves…

Especially by the New Moon of Nov 24th, with Venus conjunct your ruler Mercury in your love/partner sector. Perfect timing to have a meaningful conversation with your special someone, taking the time to tease out any promising attraction/commitment going on?

Or if single etc, work your flirty wiles on the dating scene, to maximum effect?

Meanwhile the New Moon of Nov 8th is a Total Lunar Eclipse -in your soul sector conjunct Uranus/Destiny Point, opposite Mercury/Sun/Venus in your work/wellbeing sector. A special moment to appreciate how much Mars retro frees you from external expectations; to consciously align with your own creative intentions. Such powerful mojo, to magically manifest the professional opportunities you can leverage with your on point talent, to create the lifestyle you want to live. So worth taking the time to get it right, huh?

Image: Jerry Hall and Arnold Shwarzenegger.


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