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Your ruler Mercury in your sign from the 5th, then Venus from the 10th just as Mercury hits up the Destiny Point is a great start to May - to feel your clever, gorgeously attractive charisma firing up to back your fab long-term goals in the world.

Especially with the big astro of May being lucky Jupiter in your biz/career sector from the 15th –you are suddenly aware of how excellent your professional potential is for the coming year. OMG you are so capable of manifesting whatever brilliant ambitions you set your mind to right now!

The New Moon of the 12th, in your soul sector suggests that you are going for spiritually inspiring, creatively fulfilling dreams more so than material success just for the sake of it. Which is perfect as Jupiter calls you to create a more meaningful career, that supports expansive personal growth. Also Mars in your earning sector square Chiron in your social sector means your best income opportunities come from networking with like-minded tribe, who share your values & get what you’re on about.

Then May 26th is your annual love Full Moon, on the south node of old connections and syncing Jupiter in your career sector. So your best relationship scenario could be with someone you already know -an existing partner or maybe an ex/blast from the past, who gets who you are & supports your hopes & dreams, more than chasing new romantic options hmm?


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