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With Jupiter conjunct the Destiny Point in your soul sector June 2nd, your inner world is incandescent with positive spiritual self-awareness.

Especially square Pluto retro in your expansive 9th house -such a clear sense of visionary purpose, to embrace your full potential in the world this month. Feeling clear as a bell about who you are, on your own terms is such a turn on.

Meanwhile Full Moon June 4th in your love sector, to also bring your attention to the people you care about. Relationships matter with this Moon…

Especially Venus joining Mars, and Bitch Lilith in your home turf; the 3rd house of clever ideas and communication from June 6th. It’s all about the more you are clear in your own beliefs, the more you can harmoniously relate to the people around you. With caring Ceres in your home/family sector, such a beautiful chance to really bond with your loving tribe with mutual understanding & respect.

And trine Chiron in your social sector; you get to feel more comfortable being your authentic self in the wider world. As such a social butterfly, you adore this vibe to get amongst the scene and network effectively!

Then Pluto retrograde, back into your sexy 8th house from June 11th, trine your ruler Mercury in your soul sector:

Relationship dynamics get up close & personal. With such exquisite, subtle emotional cues between you and your lover/potential lover/ex or whoever you are navigating personal entanglement with. It’s kind of nitty gritty issues ready to be addressed, kind of renewed passion that speaks to your soul and kind of release point from any toxic old crap you’re done with. A fresh understanding of anyone you want to bond with OR want to be free of-is equally satisfying, huh?

I mean with your ruler Mercury into Gemini from June 12th, your charisma is suddenly so fascinating, wildly articulate, free to express your truth and schmooze every conversation advantageously. This is your natural thing, of course.

So you are fully ready for the Gemini New Moon of June 18th. In a T Square with Neptune in your brilliant career sector and Ceres in your home sector, to figure out the work/life balance:

With Saturn also in your career sector, you cultivate the professional discipline to make your wildly creative Neptune dreams come true. You crave this sense of accomplishment enough to actually work for it, right?

And Ceres reminds you that your family/domestic dynamic matters just as much-so you make quality time with your loved ones, because they matter. And of course we all know that a loving tribe is exactly the kind of support, that encourages our brilliance in the world, right?

Image: unable to find original credit for this gorgeous picture.


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