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So after the New Moon of May 30th, with Mars/Jupiter in your social sector, you begin June with a lovely, renewed sense of purpose in the world.

Especially your ruler Mercury in your soul sector, moving out of retrograde from June 3rd square Saturn drilling down on chasing your biggest dreams with realism & integrity. You feel yourself pulling together real internal clarity; for fresh resolve to work your most meaningful spiritual principles with conscious intent. Pretty sweet way to begin the month…

Then Venus/Uranus in your soul sector June 12th and Mars/Chiron in your social sector June 15th, just as your ruler Mercury comes home to light up your sign for the coming month; so mid June is fab as follows:

-You get where certain social obligations are basically tedious & undermine your self-esteem, the better to ditch them and focus on supportive crew/community involvement that fills your cup; for a sense of meaningful connection/friendship/networking with peeps who really get what you’re on about.

-As you look within, to trust your own instincts sans external validation; you find weird & wonderful inspo, to live life on your own terms. Yes this could be transformative in a challenging way, maybe having to change up what you think really matters to you -but such a thrill to follow the light of your own truth huh?

-The better for Mercury in Gemini to work that genius, sparkly verbal repartee thing you do. I mean you adore expressing whatever is going on in your mind -stimulating conversation is basically oxygen to you, and yes the chatty buzz is on!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 14th is in your love sector. So ideally all this clear communication, with Venus/Uranus in your soul sector passionate Pluto in your sex/intimacy sector is a chance to reveal deeper feelings, and maybe cool new ways to connect with your partner/lover/crush? Yes it’s your annual Mating Moon, with extra clarity about soulmate type romance that can evolve with you, as you grow? Nice one.

Also this Moon squares magical Neptune in your biz sector. So a sense of professional soul-purpose is an equally exciting turn on here. I mean Neptune calls you to play with creatively inspiring career developments, just because they feel meaningful rather than the usual, purely pragmatic concerns. So helpful to have Saturn involved, in your restless adventure sector; to reality check the difference between brilliant opportunities & bonkers, hare brained schemes -know what I mean?

Then the New Moon of the 29th is in your financial security/income sector sorts it out. Bang on Ceres, goddess of healthy abundance and exactly square lucky Jupiter; a fresh perspective on positive earning scenarios that really work is gold here. It’s all about doing stuff that fuels your meaningful growth in the world, with as much comfortable financial wellbeing as possible as you go. The perfect balance could begin to reveal itself by late June -perfect!


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