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Your ruler Mercury, retrograde in Gemini from June 1st kind of sets the tone for a month of retrograde action -namely Jupiter in your biz sector, Saturn in your adventure sector & Pluto in your intimacy sector all retro till October.

So the brakes are on in the sense that its advantageous to slow down, review recent progress, check out the lay of the land and finesse the plan for the moment -rather than blundering forward just for the sake of it:

Especially because the Gemini Solar Eclipse of June 10th is bang on retro Mercury. Which inspires such genius notions & tangential new perspectives; on scenarios you would have taken at face value had the retro not allowed you to recognise your patterns & consider different, more creative options, know what I mean?

And Mars into your home turf/sector of clever ideas from the 11th driving you forward helps you get that the precise obstacles that cramp your style is where you hatch brilliant new schemes & innovative dialogues, that work long term. I mean when retro season ends in October you will have Mercury out of the next retro with Mars in your confidence/play sector for much easier fun & good times -so that’s something to look forward to.

Meanwhile Mercury direct on the Destiny Point, from the June 23rd has you excited by sudden opportunities for personal growth, and how to play your cards right to work them advantageously.

And just in time for the Full Moon of June 25th in your 8th house of sex, intimacy & financial entanglement, to bring your attention to subtle interpersonal dynamics. Especially with Venus opposite Pluto in your 8th, this could be smoking hot chemistry in your love life or fully lucrative biz scenarios. Also how crucial your close connections are to helping you thrive right now; because real, meaningful, emotionally & mentally stimulating relationships matter to you!

Image: Ellen Von Unsworth


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