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So just when you thought Pluto was out of your 8th house; after several years of triggering every issue to do with sex, vulnerability, deep emotional and financial entanglement?

I mean with Pluto in your expansive 9th house from last April till June; it might have felt like a blast of mental oxygen, to focus on transforming your wildest dreams into reality. And whatever exciting new plans have turned you on lately, were only a sneak preview of Pluto back into your 9th house from this Feb; when you get to chase those big, brazen dreams that help you evolve-for the next 20 years! Something to get ready for…

Meanwhile Pluto back into your 8th house recently. For the rest of the year, you revisit whatever story has been going on in your sex/emotional/family/financial entanglements for the last several years, with fresh eyes. Maybe you’ve been cultivating powerfully honest, passionate, mutually empowering connections that feel so good? Maybe you’ve been dealing with batshit crazy drama, power trips and scary vulnerability? Or probably a combination of both -that you are ready to figure out, and finesse how you feel about it all at this point?

Especially the Full Moon of July 3rd, joining Pluto in your 8th house:

Opposite Sun conjunct your clever ruler Mercury, in your 2nd house of personal values. Feelings are real and passions run high, between you and your loved ones. I mean it could be volatile as fuq -which could be unnecessary drama or a chance to clear the air in a good way?

Because with Mercury involved, your natural intelligence is on point; to finesse the conversations that bring empowering mutual respect. You have a very particular point of view, you want to assert, fair enough. But also the mental & emotional alacrity you are so famous for; to actually enjoy the cut and thrust of debate, as you seek to understand one another’s perspective.

Especially Venus/Mars with Lilith in your home turf, the 3rd house of ideas and communication. Relationships are forged in your favourite arena, of intellectual compatibility. Agree, disagree, agree to disagree; the mental stimulation of rigorous debate and playful mind games are quite the turn on here.

I mean a bit of exciting conflict adds spice, with Bitch Lilith and Mars involved. I tell you what, you can certainly hold your own in any debate right now -with that clever, sharp tongue of yours!

Also Venus kind of holds the trump card, seeking harmonious solutions and mutual understanding, as she lingers here till October. Your best look, moving forward is sweetly diplomatic, approachable and cultivating healthy relationships, right?

And yes this includes romance. With all that primal, sexy action in your 8th house -the power of actually sitting down and talking things through is key, to get things right with your lover/partner. And if single/dating, your famous flirty skills are so on point, to fascinate and magnetise some new crush towards you.

Then the New Moon of July 18th in your 2nd house, of personal values and security-opposite Pluto in your 8th house. You are so grounded in the integrity of being true to yourself. Power trippers can’t fuq with you, and the people who get what you’re on about are drawn to you like moths to a flame…nice one!

Image: unable to find original credit, for this cool picture.

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