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The month begins with your ruler Mercury in your sign, syncing Mars in your networking sector-so early July is fab for buzzing around with that chatty verbal stimulation, charming social butterfly vibe you are so famous for. Might as well look busy & get amongst it whilst you can… You love this!

Especially with Venus also in your sign, to shine your natural talent, charm, gorgeous good looks and romantic desirability more brightly than ever…gotta love your annual Venus show-off season.

Then Mars into your soul sector from the 5th is pause to look within as well. This is all about a deeper connection with whatever motivation is driving you forward; it’s maybe not so much external validation etc (as much as yes that’s happening right now)-more so figuring out what really matters to you spiritually? It’s nice to fill your cup with meditation, self care and tuning into your creative muse-for a bit of powerful creative inspo behind the scenes?

Especially Uranus/Destiny Point also in your soul sector-you are quite electrified by a thrilling sense of meaningful purpose, actually. And you get it’s better to scheme & dream for the moment, than necessarily force the issue till Mars hits your sign from late August-dark horse mode suits you, you little success machine!

And Mercury into your income sector from the 6th, conjunct Lilith by the 10th to low-key figure out how to make coin doing weird shit that turns you on.

Especially the Full Moon of the 14th, on lucrative Pluto in your 8th house of biz/family financial negotiations. With the South Node of skills you are uniquely good at in your work sector; you are not so much people-pleasing as doing your own thing, and persuading everyone else to deal with it -with that clever, fascinating charm you do so well.

Also the 8th house is about sex & intimacy, so this Moon on the primal passions of highly sexual Pluto is intense!

Could be hot seduction moments mid month -just because libidinous pleasures matter. Ooh la la.

And more to the point, opposite caring Ceres & Mercury you are exquisitely intelligent about deeper emotional connection. Maybe bonding with your lover, by really listening to one another and mutually supporting the secret, vulnerable needs that are revealed when you really trust you both care? Pillow talk is such a sweet thing here.

Or even if there are tetchy, volatile issues coming up-Pluto loves to reveal what’s really going on. So perfect to clear the air, one way of the other and move forward with as much compassion as possible whether breaking up/making up/navigating some scary wild new attraction?

Especially the New Moon of the 29th, in your communication sector on caring Ceres. Your natural flirty wiles and brilliant verbal skills are more on point than ever, and with a new level of honesty & emotional congruence. Nice one x

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