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Oh my goodness, are you ready for mating season?? With so much action in your 8th house of sexy entanglements/emotional intimacy, and sexy Mars in your partner sector -it’s on:

So Venus in your 8th house from Nov till March, is an unusually long time for the love goddess to light up your capacity for intense passion. I mean never mind your reputation as the flirty/flighty type -you are more intensely romantic than ever

Because it’s all about Venus tangling with the primal, limbic sexual energy of Pluto all January; to reveal the deepest, most passionate feelings going on in your closest connections. Could be hot, fun times with your lover-and if you think this thing is just a fling, ha you could be about to fall in love/get embroiled for real at warp speed! Could be beautiful moments, to confirm the devotion you share with your partner, and yes re-kindle the flame in the bedroom for sure! And if single could be some hot contender chasing the hell out of you, to turn you on and maybe much more …especially if you’re into men, with macho Mars coming at you in your love sector.

And ok, also Venus retro & Pluto/Mars can fully reveal any unhealthy power trips/marital bickering/batshit obsessive crushes etc going on. Could be time to reality check some toxic scenario, and gutsy internal locus of power, to pull yourself together and walk away -and open to something better, whenever it comes? Or could be the courage to face any demons in your relationship, by keeping it sweet as you deal with it rather than perpetuating unresolved conflict -and viola, you’ve earned a much healthier, deeply honest, authentic passion.

So the New Moon of Jan 3rd, in your 8th house is perfect; to begin the month with clear emotional intelligence about who you love/ready to love/ready to clear the air with and proceed accordingly -well done you.

Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter finally moving forward in your career sector is a buzz; for any new years resolutions about chasing your most cherished, exciting professional dreams in 2022 -it looks like such a fabulous year shining in the world, doing something you love with full enthusiasm!

And ok, with slippery Neptune involved and Mercury retro in your vision sector; you do want to check the details, and sort the hare brained schemes from any truly promising biz plans you’ve been brewing lately…

The Full Moon of Jan 18th, in your income sector opposite lucrative Pluto in the 8th house of financial entanglements/biz negotiations should sort things out nicely. You get the difference between dodgy deals that don’t feel right on a gut level, and savvy professional collaborations that actually inspire your brilliant talent & look like making good coin this year. Again, your instincts are so on point here- trust your gut huh?

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