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Gemini love-life alert coming up! Because December is all about the game changing, inspiring Total Solar Eclipse of the 15th, and for you it’s in your love/partnership sector:

This reveals where your special someone is at, how they feel about lovely you & what you want to do about it. Especially with your ruler Mercury involved it could be all about long winded, detailed dialogues/pillow talk to flesh out the nuance of your partnership dynamic, reach a better mutual understanding, and hopefully a bit of flirty, romantic zing to turn you on to one another & renew the chemistry. I mean most signs would run a mile from the dreaded ‘Us Talk’ lol, but you do adore any opportunity for verbal repartee, as a kind of emotional oxygen to express your feelings right?

Or if single this could be a kismet moment to go chase a fresh crush. And if so I would suggest it’s just as likely someone spooky turning up from the past with fresh potential/a lingering attraction you’re ready to act on; than necessarily meeting someone new.

Also Venus in your love sector from the 16th lifts the whole vibe to beautiful, loving, promising chemistry that could really go somewhere, with a bit of charm & sweet intentions-yay Gemini mating season mid month, if you’re into it…

Because then Saturn & Jupiter get out of your 8th house of heavy sex/intimacy/financial entanglements by the 20th, and having sorted the interpersonal dynamic can also focus on the broader life plan. As in these major planets into your adventure sector bring a fab combo of exuberant confident to pursue your most visionary dreams & schemes (thank you Jupiter), and the pragmatic, persevering discipline to keep it real as you go (thank you Saturn) for the next few years....

So you are about to embrace the fact it matters to live like you mean it, with a fulfilling sense of purpose –but also if you want to live large you better be damn good at it huh?

And as this relates to the actual Gemini career? The Full Moon of the 30th is keen instincts on your part, to monetise what you do effectively & to that end wrangle any biz negotiations to maximum advantage. Especially with Venus schmoozing any existing professional relationships going on, in sync with Neptune inspiring your most promising career plans-this could totally work!

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