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So Venus/Lilith in your home turf, the 3rd house of ideas and communication have been hyper-stimulated by your ruler Mercury lately.

I mean do admit you tend to overanalyse everything, with clever, complex mental alacrity at the best of times? So especially with Venus retro this month, your busy mind in overdrive -juggling and refining a thousand, possibly paradoxical concepts, as you madly try to make sense of it all… And I tell you what, with Lilith involved you can be quite opinionated! It feels good to drill down on the courage of your convictions, well done you, for taking the time to work out what you believe in.

Also a teensy temptation to get into bitchy arguments, making a point of contention about every little detail.

With Venus retro in your opinion sector, sync Pluto retro in your 8th house of personal entanglements. Convoluted mental and emotional power trips can turn narky at warp speed! Not so useful, obviously.

Much better to take the opportunity, to find one another mutually fascinating… Being willing to learn from one another or agreeing to disagree, can perhaps be a turn on?

Because also, your ruler Mercury with Mars in your home sector can exacerbate any domestic tensions. Whether tedious bickering about daily chores etc, or tricky family dynamics flaring up in full drama mode? Is tempting to control freak one another, for the sake of winning some conflict. But again, much better to clear the air with healthy communication, and hopefully find some common ground to get along as best you can, obviously.

Maybe even some seduction on home turf/passion with your shacked up lover is positively stimulated -if you get that it’s a meeting of minds, as much as physical/emotional compatibility?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Aug 2nd, in your expansive 9th house is great to free your mind…from all the intellectual acrobatics and interpersonal drama. A perfect moment to step back, from the immediate white noise of whatever’s going on around you. And score the mental oxygen to embrace your own, visionary genius.

Especially Jupiter and Uranus in your soul sector, your spiritual & creative muse is calling your name. For an exciting, broad perspective on the month ahead. Feels so good to feel free, to do your own thing huh?

Then the New Moon of August 16th in your 3rd house, conjunct Venus and Lilith. And square Uranus in your soul sector:

You are downloading some pretty weird and wonderful inspiration, as you commune with your creative & spiritual muse. With your curious, kaleidoscopic mind, you love the intellectual buzz of playing with stimulating ideas! Not so much trying to analyse things on a rational level, as trusting the genius instincts driving your creative process right now. You are figuring out what you really believe in, to be true to yourself. And the courage to question any previous assumptions, that might have been holding you back is part of the process -for a fresh new perspective, know what I mean?

And your famous, fascinating communication skills are equally on point.

Ideally the perfect balance between sweet, easy communication and being authentic, about sticking up for the courage of your convictions. You are all about persuasive ways, to sweet-talk people around to your point of view. Also willing to learn from one another, if differing opinions arise-rather than butting heads, trying to prove a point just for the sake of being right.

Especially sync Pluto in your intimacy sector. Maybe an authentic conversation with your lover, to go beyond vulnerability for sexy mutual respect. Thus could be hot!

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