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So you are going to love the New Moon of Aug 8th. It’s on your clever ruler Mercury in your home turf, the 3rd house of intelligent ideas, mental stimulation & witty repartee, trine the healer Chiron in your social networking sector. So the Gemini genius is peaking, as you buzz around connecting with your crew with that inimitable conversational brilliance & persuasive charm of yours. I mean for Gemini good company & quality banter is like oxygen-so this Moon is right up your alley!

Also Jupiter/Saturn retro in your vision/adventure sector have you busting to expand your horizons, by thinking big about the broader life plan and when the hell you can next travel to somewhere exciting, in these weird times? Also the discipline required to persevere with the goals that matter long term, despite any temporary delays.

Especially by the Full Moon of the 22nd conjunct Jupiter, just keep scheming & dreaming honey; you are on track for when Jupiter & Saturn turn direct from mid-October, to get on with chasing your dreams big time.

And Mars joining Venus in your home sector from Aug 1st says you are most energised by sorting out the domestic/family dynamic, the better to have a functional base from which to go forth and thrive in the world. And just because a lovely home & personal relationships matter, of course.

I mean Mars can be you (or a co-hab) throwing your weight around because you like things to be a certain way; but ideally this is a chance to reveal any frustrations, clear the air and get on with getting along. Because Venus here is all about intelligent relating skills for optimum, sweet domestic harmony -whether family/housemates/shacked up romance with your partner. Also Venus is fab for lushing up the décor & feng shui, to create a beautiful, inspiring space to live in.

Then Venus into your 5th house of fun & creativity from Aug 17th till mid-September is delightful permission to enjoy yourself, just because it feels good to do stuff that turns you on. Maybe coming to terms with your innate talent, to get even better at what you do & show it off with shameless self-promotion. And playtime, to chill out & share quality moments with your loved ones embracing the simple pleasures in life. Maybe even hot date nights with someone special hmmm?

Image: Flora Borsi

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