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Gemini Full Moon coming up, exact 7.16pm Nov 27th, AEDT.

To the extent Full Moons are a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing lately, in Gemini our emotional nature is quite complex. Our psycho-emotional nature tends to be nuanced, with multi-faceted perspectives & intellectual analysis -which can be brilliant. Also let's face it, a shocking tendency to head-fuq ourselves and one another, with clever mental trickery if we're not careful, lol.

So the fab thing about this Moon, is opposite Ceres/Mars conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius, with Gemini ruler also in Sag. To bring a positive, enthusiastic vibe:

I mean ok, in grand square with Lilith in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces. If we're tempted to be too clever, stressing about getting every little detail right-cramping our style?

The magic here is Gemini ruler Mercury in Sag, to enjoy a more expansive perspective. Playing with cool, visionary ideas that open our minds to broader possibilities, feels wonderfully liberating! The better to trust our spiritual, emotional & creative instincts. We get to tap into exquisite, inspired wisdom that feels so right, for the confidence to manifest our dreams & aspirations in real life.

And Ceres/Mars/Sun in Sag. For the courage to be self aware, giving ourselves the self care of nurturing our own truth as it arises, by walking our talk in real life. Personal strength is all about powerful compassion, for ourselves and one another. With an open mind to one another's point of view, for honest, loving connection just as much as we roll with the full courage of our own convictions.

Lets be clever, wily, wise and wildly optimistic, as we deal with our feelings together. Happy Gemini Full Moon folks x

Image:the truly wonderful art of Danielle Noel.

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