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February is here and the scopes are up.

What we have is a helluva lot of planets preparing to change signs, from March till May, to reveal game changing new dynamics long term. And as much as we feel transformative vibes brewing; for the moment some old patterns are still resolving themselves, and certain new scenarios are so close but not quite ready to pick up momentum.

Which is why I'm calling February Poker Face. Not so much that we are keeping our cards close to our chest in a particularly secretive way; more to watch the lay of the land, the better to be prepared to pounce, when the time is right to make our big moves in the coming months. 2023 looks super exciting, and Feb feels like taking the time to play our proverbial cards right. The better to be ready to make the big decisions and get on with it; as shizz gets increasingly real from March onwards...

Much more detail for your sign, with the Feb horoscopes here; about where you scheme & dream to optimum advantage. Happy Feb folks, feels like the gateway to an audaciously wonderful year ahead!

Image: from the 60's movie The Swingers. Ha ha, Mars in playful Gemini this month, might appreciate this vibe?


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