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February is here, and the scopes are up as we get a handle on how 2022 is unfolding...

And the big astro news, this month is Venus & Mars conjunct in Capricorn, for power coupling & sharp romantic action that lasts for ages! I have gone into detail re how this effects everyone, in my previous Mating Season Magic post, and the Feb horoscopes go into much more detail for your sign. Ooh la la it could be hot.

Meanwhile we also have the New Moon of Feb 1st, on taskmaster Saturn and retro Mercury turning direct from the 4th, to get our act together in practical terms.

And Mercury on Pluto to be very real, with primal intensity to clarify any dialogues & negotiations going on. Whatever we've got to say, we better mean it!

Then the Leo Full Moon of the 17th, with the Destiny Point in Taurus to ground our grandest dreams in real life, tangible terms.

Feb looks pretty sexy & productive folks, let's make it special x

Image, Morticia & Gomez, original MGM studios pic.


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