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October is here and the scopes are up, to guide us through a strange, inspiring yet frustrating transitional month:

The month begins with 7 planets retrograde, acutely aware of the things we can't control -and maybe need to hold back on forced progress, as we finesse our intentions with exquisite patience.

Then Mercury direct from the 3rd, Pluto direct from the 8th and Saturn direct from the 22nd begin to reveal the things we can control; to do with empowering our mindful, disciplined intentions -to consciously move forward in this crazy world, full of so many weirdly changing circumstances to navigate. But as long as we hold our own with personal integrity, we will find our true path, right?

Especially Jupiter retro into Pisces from the 28th and Mars turning retro from the 30th; we get that all we have is our own brilliant intuition & emotional intelligence to back ourselves... At the end of the day we have to trust our gut instincts, to leap into the unknown just because certain decisions feel right-not so much being able to control the outcome-know what I mean?

Meanwhile the Aries Full Moon of the 10th is on the healer Chiron opposite Venus; to deal with any self doubt by keeping our creative process clear no matter what, and nurturing the loving relationships that help us believe in ourselves & the supportive loved ones in our lives. And the Partial Solar Eclipse of the 25th, in Scorpio conjunct Venus is such powerful passion in our love lives-deeply felt romance to embrace, because if it feels so right, why not dive in and love large whilst we can?

And much more detail for your sign, with the October horoscopes here.

Happy October folks, lets be like the butterfly in the chrysalis, trusting that we are just budding fresh wings...and about to fly free x


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