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So we have a spectacular conjunction perfecting right now, Mars on Uranus and the North Node of the Moon, in Taurus. I mean Taurus is our desire for pleasure & comfortable stability, and it's being disrupted big time, in the most liberating way:

Uranus, halfway through several years in Taurus is helping us get the hang of a very different attitude to stability. It's all about watching the collective structures we have been accustomed to fall apart in front of our eyes, as the world moves through the apparently chaotic death throes of an old paradigm, batshit crazy madness abounds & it seems like some kind of dystopian nightmare is coming down hard. But in the eye of the storm we remain grounded in beautiful Taurean calm, and witness that in fact a beautiful, more healthy & vibrant new earth is giving birth to itself as we speak.

And in true Taurus, productive magical manifesting style, we get that it's up to us to create the life we want to live. I mean it may not look how we thought it would, but if we can dance with alacrity through this evolutionary process together-instead of being separated by identity politics/stubborn issues in our personal relationships etc, we can totally create a beautiful future!

Cue Uranus on the North Node right now, which I call the Destiny Point because it guides us through our limiting patterns; toward the magnificent future & meaningful sense of purpose Destiny has in store for us if we can only embrace our full potential with our best, courageous attitude. Clear personal intentions and brilliant opportunities in the world align perfectly here... ready or not, it's time to shine...

So Mars, turning up this week is the fierce determination to seize the day. Even if dealing with the changes going on around us, or phoenixing through personal transformation is challenging as fuq; we discover that we are more robust than we thought. The more we embrace our creative capacity to manifest our healthy, positive desires the more we feel powerful physical vitality & lust for life turning us on.

This is such rare, brilliant astro turning up just on time, as we need to navigate this new chapter of our journey with our best brave, visionary focus on our true calling-and a better tomorrow for everyone. Hallelujah folks, let's rise up singing xxx


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