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December horoscopes are up, and it's kind of a tease...

Mars in Gemini still retrograde, till late Jan has us in dark horse mode; quietly cultivating multiple exciting schemes in the background; that feel tantalisingly close to fruition and yet...not quite yet. Especially Mars trine disciplinarian Saturn, we realise we really are capable of slow burn success, if we try. Patience please!

Aargh, or we are crippled by frustration; screaming at every single delay that thwarts our genius, as an excuse to storm off in a tantrum. Not such a good look, obviously?

Because lucky, dynamic Jupiter finally direct in Aries from Dec 21st, after fuqing around in dreamy Pisces for months on end. We are suddenly filled with vitality & personal confidence late Dec, and want to get on with it already??? Yes it is wonderful to grab our most confident intentions, with fresh determination to thrive. Especially Uranus conjunct the Destiny Point, we have some fabulously radical future plans, calling our name...

So hone, refine & finesse our approach this month. Weeding out any naff, hare-brained schemes and practice equanimity about the things we can't yet control, even as we allow ourselves to be thrilled about the big, brazen dreams we are preparing to embrace. Ready to set some kick ass, brilliant New Years resolutions for January!

Happy December folks, let's keep a sharp eye on a lovely new chapter, unfolding in it's own sweet time x

Lots more detail for your sign, with the December horoscopes here.

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