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So Saturn retrograde, since May 25th has had us in dark horse mode.

Because to the extent Saturn in Aquarius square Aqua ruler Uranus back in May had us all motivated, to seize radical, flash new versions of our material goals; when Saturn crept backwards from late May, with frustrating delays just as we thought we were getting ahead we could have been forgiven for storming off in a huff & giving up, because it's all too hard dammit. I mean fair enough, check out the state of the world -it's been a shitshow to get anything significant done on our own terms of success, let alone basically function in the world huh??

But of course our best look has been don't give up. We have ideally retreated to our lairs with elegant restraint; got a clean, lean, mean attitude on and quietly scheme & dream our next move in the background. So yeah, we might not have been enjoying instant gratification as such; but meanwhile how fabulously productive have we been in the meantime?? We have been cultivating a persistent work ethic, finessing the plan and getting ready for the tide to turn...well done us.

And the reward is Saturn direct from Oct 11th- yay finally, a chance to put our genius into action for real! And if we can stay focused this month, and finesse the details as we go; we will see the momentum picking up slowly & surely for the rest of the year. Personal discipline, to work at the solid material/career/biz/financial goals that align with our real principles is gold right now.

Especially because Saturn in socially aware Aquarius is about clear boundaries; to respectfully avoid people who diss what we're on about & align with the crew that get us, for smart biz /career collaborations & networking opportunities that actually work.

Yes ,we're so prepared to play our best hand in the game of life from mid Oct; with a savvy, pragmatic eye to chasing success whilst maintaining the classy personal integrity we've been working on recently. Excellent x

Image: Tim Walker


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