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Capricorn Full Moon, exact 4.37am July 14th, AEST. And to the extent Full Moons are a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month, Capricorn is a desire to be in control of the situation...

And ha, living through such wild times good luck controlling anything external or whatever the fuq is going on in the world, but of course we can control the integrity with which we handle our own emotions & deal with relationship dynamics.

Especially as this Moon is conjunct potent Pluto; where we have to face our own demons and come to terms with our own internal locus of power; to realise how much we are creator beings able to fully manifest our reality as we wish. I mean I've got to say Pluto in Capricorn is awesome determination to stick to our integrity, and walk our talk accordingly with near magical power to bend the flow of life in our favour, and we really feel it in our bones right now. We are kind of in love with our own power to thrive; which can be such a positive, life affirming thing of course.

Also this Moon is opposite Ceres, the productive fertility goddess who wants us to cultivate heaven on earth. Ceres really cares about healthy wellbeing for everyone; and so do we care about our loved ones happiness & comfort just as much as our own. This is so beautiful for genuinely nourishing, emotionally fulfilling personal relationships and also community spirit to feel part of the wider human family.

I mean we are all in this together, and the web of interconnected energy between us, which includes the animals/plants we share this space with is a beautiful thing; to align with the natural balance of the world.

So Pluto is about power & Ceres is about love-and this is our chance to work with both imperatives in an intelligent way. If I may steal a quote another astrologer has shared about this Moon:

"when the power of love overcomes the love of power, we shall know peace"

(attributed to Jimi Hendrix or William Gladstone?).

Happy Full Moon folks, let's be sexy, loving, empowered magical beings as much as possible x

Image: the wonderful Moonlight Tarot.

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