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New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Capricorn it tends to be clear, clean priorities coming into sharp focus. And this one, exact 4.33am Jan 3rd, AEDT, syncing Cap ruler Saturn is just in time to reality check our New Years resolutions.

Especially square sparky Uranus, like a lightning bolt illuminating our true feelings & authentic intentions -there's no dodging clear perspective right now!

More specifically Capricorn is about discipline, responsibility & practicality, whilst Uranus is radical upheaval & the alacrity with which we make game changing decisions. There is obviously a certain tension in the air between maintaining the status quo/notions of security, and embracing the great unknown -kinda terrifying but also thrilling huh? 2022 is a great mystery ready to be revealed, and more importantly consciously created; so best get smart, intentional & ready for a wild ride!

In our personal lives we strive for balance:

Saturn -We honour the established wisdom that has served us thus far, and fortitude to stick with honourable obligations to one another & healthy plans for the future. But also recognise stuck patterns of inertia, that we are ready to let go of.

Uranus -We are turned on by breaking our own rules, sudden flashes of inspiration that we act on just because they feel right & a fully rebellious attitude to any fuqwits trying to hold us back. But also watch out for destructive recklessness, being bonkers just for the sake of it, obviously.

In the world -our public lives? Well let's just say the control system is buckling down and authoritarian control freakery is rife. And there is also a rising sense of liberty, freedom of choice and the possibility of positive social change. Hmmm, gonna be an interesting year right? Just saying...Vive La Resistance!

Happy New Moon folks, let's keep it conscious & emotionally intelligent x And lots more detail for your sign, with the January horoscopes here.

Image: the divine Moonlight Tarot.


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