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So the massive astro, for everyone is Venus/Mars, conjunct in a romantic embrace from early Feb till April. A super rare, extended mating season -and it’s happening in your sign this month! So you are officially the luckiest in love right now…

I mean with Venus lighting up your sign from Nov till March; you have your gorgeous, glamorous, good-looking charisma shining bright, as well talented, charming & fun to be around. So who wouldn’t want to be with desirable you, right? And you reciprocate with sweet, caring relationship skills with your loved ones, of course.

And Mars in your sign recently has added confident enthusiasm, fierce physical vitality, courage & ambitious work ethic, as well as irresistible seductive skills to your vibe.

So you really are on fire, in terms of whatever you are on about right now…

Meanwhile the New Moon of Feb 1st, in your values/income sector on disciplinarian Saturn, has you grappling with the security issues you are prone to, as such a pragmatic sign.

So Mercury retro turning direct, conjunct Pluto in your sign early Feb matters; as quite a deep, considered evaluation of your beliefs & financial issues, revealing powerful gut instincts about how to hold your own & make money work for you, as opposed to stressing about it. And crucially, the courage to challenge previously fixed assumptions, for a fully transformative new perspective-this is so empowering, just so you know.

And back to love. As much as Venus/Mars is sweet, easy romantic chemistry, Mercury/Pluto also reveal any primal, triggering conversations that come with game-changing connection. So addressing the tricky issues with your someone special, to renew the passion or dealing with a new attraction that rocks your world -either way romance is both thrilling & character building right now.

Especially the Full Moon of the 17th in your intimacy sector, for sexy vulnerability. Whoever you most desire -best walk your talk & be your true self with them, right?

And Uranus in your 5th house is great for sparky, quality time with all loved ones, to turn you on. Also a fantastic buzz for inspired creative expression just for fun, and maybe the moxy to show off your brilliant talent in the world?

A fab time to get a handle on how good it feels to be you right now…just because you are on top of your game, so why not strut around a little and enjoy the attention!

Image: Barbera Palvin for Rosa Clarainterior

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