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Capricorn Full Moon, exact 9.38pm, July 3rd AEDT. With this Moon in pragmatic Capricorn, opposite Sun conjunct clever, mentally switched on Mercury in emotionally intuitive Cancer? There is fascinating paradox, about harmonising the proverbial battle between the head and the heart:

If our mind is trying to analyse everything, with detached rationale; realises it must become embodied in our kinaesthetic, emotional instincts that are so powerful we feel them on a physical level-in the earth sign Capricorn. And if our feelings are rising up in a chaotic way, with volatile emo reactivity in watery Cancer; understand we need to ground into our real Cancerian gut instincts-where we are centred enough to make wise decisions , sans just having tantrums for the sake of it. Know what I mean?

Our head & heart ideally make peace, and find clarity in the reality of this moment-to embody right action with the integrity of mental & emotional congruence. Man, know thyself and Trust your gut are both such relevant principles right now.

Also because this Moon joins transformative Pluto in Capricorn, trining radical Uranus in Taurus. To the extent we are being called to accelerated personal growth & collective evolution? It's happening in earth signs, where we actually embody our wisdom and walk our talk in real, tangible right action in the world. Moon in Capricorn is perfect, for the emotional discipline to take the kind of personal responsibility required here-to be awake to our role in the world. and our own material & emotional wellbeing.

Happy Cap Full Moon folks, lets nail it x

Image: Arthur Peixoto


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