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So early March has Venus/Mars completing their conjunction, that was such a big deal last month, in your 8th house of sexual passion, emotional intimacy & interpersonal entanglements. 

You get to reflect on how much you’ve learned, about the quality of the most essential relationships in your life. And how to keep it sweet, even as passions run high and power trips are triggered-to remain as harmonious, co-operative and maybe committed in the long term. 

Because of course the intensity you’ve been experiencing, to do with Venus/Mars recently conjunct Pluto. And as Pluto continues to activate and transform your 8th house for the next 20 years- plenty of time to use the insights being revealed now, to navigate interpersonal dynamics moving forward. Your natural emotional intelligence is increasingly on point, about intimate, family and financial entanglements. 

Meanwhile the New Moon of March 10th, in your expansive 9th house.

Smack bang between the ultimate realist Saturn and the most magical planet, Neptune. Maybe a bit of magical realism is going on here? 

As in this Moon awakens your restless desire to evolve, with visionary ideals to pursue and adventures to embrace. Also aware you have to be pragmatic about it. This is quite the core competency of yours, as such a creative weave financial/practical savvy into making your most deliciously kooky dreams a reality. Magical manifesting is a cliche, but when you’ve got the gift of doing it right-you know the work required behind the scenes, right? 

Which has promising implications for professional success; with Mercury into your 10th house of brilliant career, just in time for this New Moon: 

Clever Mercury gets the details right, about your biz/career schemes. 

And with Venus/Mars still conjunct- all about mutually advantageous relationships on the job. Mercury helps to finesse communication skills to do with biz negotiations, workplace politics, creative and financial collaborations. 

Especially pertinent when Mercury joins healer Chiron/Destiny Point conjunct, in your 10th house from mid March. Beyond just hustling  immediate issues at work, to stay ahead of the game? You are aligning with your most meaningful sense of purpose, vocationally.  Long term goals are calling your name, turning you on with a sense of professional accomplishment, you are ready to embrace:

Maybe it’s all coming together beautifully, with perfect opportunities presenting themselves, to seize your full potential this month. Or maybe some challenge triggers existential self-doubt, about whether you are even capable of success? 

Either way Mercury helps. The mental discipline to choose clear intentions, about what you want to achieve in the world- to stay inspired and ignore any white noise, of self-sabotaging thoughts. And the gift of the gab-to shmooze dialogues with the fab people supporting your progress, just as much as holding your own-with any random weirdos trying to trip you up.

You are so onto the dialogues going on here-smart as fuq about making them work for your long term goals! … 

Then the Full Moon of March 25th, in your home sector. Trine Pluto in your 8th house, we were speaking about earlier. A lovely chance to apply your freshly activated relationship skills, to the intelligent family & domestic harmony you do so well. 

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