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Saturn in your intimacy sector, caught between Pluto in your love sector and Neptune in your adventure sector this month is interesting:

So you are trying valiantly to maintain solid personal boundaries, thank you Saturn demanding emotional accountability from yourself and whoever you’re connected with. Whilst Pluto is rocking your relationship dynamic with fiery, intense, transformative passion that’s almost too wild to control-it’s a buzz for sure!

Meanwhile you crave the personal space & freedom to chase your magical, Neptune dreams… I mean relationship dramas are great & all, but you also have personal aspirations to be excited about, right?

Especially Venus in your soul sector, for the most beautiful creative inspo, to work your natural talent into lovely, magical manifesting intentions that feel so right.

So Mars in your social sector from the 5th with eloquent Mercury in your sign fires up your spunky charisma in the world; the better to get amongst whatever networking opportunities/social scene brings out your natural confidence. And lucky Jupiter in your biz sector helps to leverage any professional goals, that you are excited by right now.

Then the Full Moon of the 14th stimulates Pluto in your love sector, opposite clever Mercury & caring Ceres in your sign.

Such a lovely moment to do combustible romantic passion with mutual compassion and emotionally intelligent communication -for deeper intimacy; more so than destructive fireworks just for the sake of it, know what I mean?

Especially Venus in your sign from the 19th you are too busy being gorgeous; shining with beauty, glamour, talent, charm & exquisite relationship skills. You feel good about yourself, which is pretty special just to be you. And your tribe/genuine friends/professional network and partner/special lover adore you for it-nice one.

Because Venus on bitch Lilith by the 28th, with your muse the Moon in your sign -your next level self-assurance is totally fierce! So good luck anyone trying to fuq with you as you swan around being fabulous; as much as you truly appreciate the peeps who get your vibe, you simply will not break your stride for any dimwits who think they can do your head in, right?

Then the New Moon of the 29th is perfect inspo, to manifest whatever really matters to you in real life. In your security sector on productive, healthy Ceres; you are all about creating an income in line with your core values & natural talent, to enjoy on your own terms.

Image: Cartier


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