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So I've recently returned from an epic road trip. It was fantastic to visit family, and we had lots of cool adventures and seeing friends along the way.. But also gah, Australia is fuqing large -and so much driving between destinations!

So it's been great to settle back in at home for the last few days, rest and get back to my routine...for a Sag I am quite the creature of habit, and do enjoy my work...

So I am back in business from today. This coming week is already quite booked up with clients-with just a few spots left. But if you would like to book in from Sat, April 29th onwards for a reading let me know. You can contact me via, link in bio, or much easier call 0401 388 261.

Ps also the May horoscopes will be an abbreviated version, focusing on the Full Moon Eclipse and New Moon in May for each sign in concise terms -as I haven't had time to write full scopes in advance. And if I'm a little late posting them bear with me... as I get back my writing schedule.

Ps, just a side note, with this vintage vibe pic I shared. My partner's teenage daughter found the most fabulous, original 40's dance shoes, in mint condition, as well as gorgeous 60's style slingback kitten heels that fit her perfectly; in some random , country town op shop along the way. As a very stylish young lady, I can't wait to see how she matches them with her next fab, dress up outfits!

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