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August is here and the scopes are up. It's Leo season, where we usually strut around showing off and have fun with the grander, more extravagant pleasures in life. But of course the world is batshit crazy right now, so the most spectacular thing seems to be how surreal it is out there!

I mean if nothing else, I guess we can sit back and marvel at the show...

But of course we want to be getting on with our weird & wonderful lives, it's just that with almost all the outer , kick ass planets Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune/Pluto retrograde right now, gosh we are fraught with frustrating delays. So especially with Mars in perfectionist Virgo, patience & taking the time to finesse and re-evaluate the plan is something of a virtue. Also the only outer planet moving direct is radical Uranus, so we really do progress best the more we embrace an innovative, open minded approach to the unexpected. When the going gets weird the weird turn pro right?

The gorgeous Leo capacity for creativity, courage and looking after our loved ones as we go works beautifully here, there is always room to be amazing & true to our passions in our own way. And the Leo New Moon of the 8th & Uranus ruled Aquarius Full Moon of the 22nd are both on lucky Jupiter, so there is plenty of scope to keep our mood fabulously positive x

Happy August folks, and more detail for your sign with the August horoscopes here.

Image: from the original by Tim Walker

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