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So how are we going with this Aries New Moon, exact 2.12pm, April 20th AEST? It's kinda primal power and kinda complicated:

To the extent New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, in Aries we are fiery as hell about what we feel. We are authentic, honest and not taking any crap from anyone-because we are so confident about our own point of view, and quite emotionally independent, actually. And of course this helps to also respect other people's feelings, and autonomous points of view, right??

Because this Moon squares Pluto, fresh in Aquarius. On the one hand Pluto Moons are notorious for stirring up deep, volatile feelings-which can be great to express ourselves with radical vulnerability, or complex power trips as we try to control the situation. I mean Aries energy is, let's face it, kind of aggressive and doesn't mind a bit of recreational conflict-so we want to watch that, huh? Much better to embrace this chance to take responsibility for our own personal, transformative self-awareness, which is the gift of Pluto. And allow our relationships to evolve with us, with maximum mutual respect.

Because Pluto in Aquarius is brilliant to take a step back, with clear vision and intelligent analysis-rather than just reacting blindly. And of course all of the above is intensified by this New Moon being an Eclipse-always an opportunity to see, and understand things more clearly.

And this is a Hybrid Solar Eclipse, to make things more interesting! As in 15 mins after the exact Eclipse the Moon enters Taurus, followed by the Sun 4 hours later. To conjunct the Destiny Point (North Node) in the next few days. So we need to take into account Taurus energy here:

We are super aware of our wellbeing in terms of physicality, creature comforts and long term material security. Such a fab energy to really embody whatever we are on about; with life affirming habits and delicious comfortability in our own skin. This is such a powerful manifesting Moon; the more we align our clear intentions with right action in the real world.

Happy Aries/Taurus Eclipse folks, its a cracker to live like we mean it x

Image: unable to find original credit for this fab picture.

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