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Aries Full Moon, exact 6.54am Oct 10th, AEDT. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emo has been brewing all month, and in fiery Aries we are pretty good at expressing our feelings directly!

I mean to the extent Aries is such an independent sign, we are driven by the imperative to be true to ourselves, as we charge forward doing our own thing.

Also with this Moon conjunct the healer Chiron, we may be more aware of any wounded aspects of ourselves & self doubt, preventing us from expressing our truth? And the natural Aries response is courageous determination -to grab ourselves by the proverbial balls, with the bravado to feel the fear & do it anyway! Yes, this is a wonderfully positive attitude to harness right now.

But you know what, the real medicine here is relationship & human connection. Because this Moon is opposite Sun conjunct Venus, and trine caring Ceres in Virgo:

Venus reveals the relationship dynamics that support us. Loved ones who have our back could be friends, family or a lover/partner -who reflect our magnificence when we shine, and just as importantly, pick us up & nurture us when we feel vulnerable. And of course we reciprocate, for lovely, mutually caring, healthy connection. So yes this is a Love Moon, for mating season if we're romantically inclined and looking out for one another in all areas of life.

And, perhaps most importantly, healthy relationship with self. With Chiron in Aries we are exquisitely compassionate with our own, personal foibles. With Ceres doing intelligent self-care in Virgo; not so much indulging bad habits etc, as the unconditional self-acceptance to look after ourselves, as we cultivate healthy habits to thrive.

Because Aries ruler Mars is retrograde from Nov till Jan, so we are about to learn the meaning of patience. No need to force external progress; we're too busy doing dark horse work in the background -for regenerative personal growth & raise our Qi with high frequency positive intentions. Gold!

Happy Aries Full Moon folks, let's feel the love x


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