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So Jupiter & Saturn in your social sector have you quite focused on your place in the world. You want to feel good about your community, wider tribe and part of the cultural zeitgeist around you:

But to the extent Saturn has been retrograde since late May & Jupiter retro since late June; you have maybe been feeling uncharacteristically socially awkward lately? As in for such a naturally confident creature it’s been weird to have klunky networking vibes cramping your style, wondering where you fit on the scene or even questioning your tribe/certain friendships? And gah don’t get me started on the state of the world/dumb lockdowns etc exacerbating all that.

So yay, with Saturn direct from Oct 11th & Jupiter direct from Oct 18th is SO good to finally grab renewed, dynamic momentum; to get your spunky self-expression back on and feel connected to the people around you this month…

It’s like the more you back the meaningful goals driving your independent, trailblazing genius forward (thank you Jupiter) with discipline & courage of your convictions (thank you Saturn) the more you magnetise the crew who share your vision; for a mutually supportive sense of community and your innate leadership qualities appreciated in the world. You love this of course, it’s your natural vibe!

Also Pluto retrograde since late April has been hassling you to transform your professional/biz paradigm, perhaps more radically than you felt ready for. So the last 5 months has been intense, dealing with certain career plans losing energy or opportunities shutting down unceremoniously in your face. But you were empowered enough to recognise new doors opening, with the courage to go for scarily promising new options you would not have gone for except under the duress of believing in your own, powerful potential to adapt in times of change-know what I mean?

Yes and Pluto direct from Oct 6th is so validating, to get a handle on how ready you are to thrive right now, especially syncing Venus closing the deal on any lucrative biz deals you’ve been working on. You’ve earned this one, baby.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 6th is in your love/partner sector, bang on your sexy ruler Mars -fiery Aries mating season is on! So much more likely to enjoy genuine affection from your partner to re-ignite the flame, or if single/on the dating scene someone hot chasing you-because you’re worth it.

And opposite the healer Chiron in your sign, where the power of brave, passionate connection could be just the thing to smash any self-doubt you’ve been struggling with lately. Especially with Mercury retro in your love sector, where actually the most awkward or triggering conversations could be the best ones; to reveal any tricky issues/misunderstandings with both of you prepared for a bit of vulnerability AND the courage to deal with it. Now this, beyond airy fairy romantic ideals is the real mating season right?

Wow October looks so fabulously energising, go you little success machine you!

Image: Ian Carlos Reyes


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