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The Full Moon of Feb 6th is a lovely way to begin the month. In your fun 5th house; you get to play with your innate talent with that easy confidence you do so well, to show the hell off about whatever you are good at. And have a good time doing whatever simple pleasures you enjoy, for the buzz of feeling good to be alive.

Especially with Bitch Lilith also in your 5th house. So you’re totally unapologetic about living with raw authenticity; you don’t so much care about other people’s expectations, you’re too busy shining like a crazy diamond to give a fuq. This kind of self-assurance is your natural thing, of course:

And square Uranus/Destiny Point, in your 2nd house of income & material security. The kind of earning scenarios, turning you on right now are pretty radical. If crazy new opportunities turn up this month, to monetise your genius, you are so onto it. Because you are not just randomly chasing hare brained schemes; you are perfectly aligned to monetise your genius, doing stuff that actually feels meaningful, right?

Venus in your spooky 12th house inspires some of your more weird, tangential insights, square Mars direct in your communication sector. So speaking freely about the arcane/magical genius you’re tuned into is fine; even if certain luddites think you’re nutty who cares? The fab peeps who get you are so much fun to share cool ideas with!

And Venus/Mars always works for romantic frisson. Maybe your lover grasps the nuance of what you’re banging on about so naturally, to help you understand your own point of view, and you congratulate yourself for having found a soulmate? Or some random, fascinating conversation suddenly turns alarmingly flirty??

I mean Jupiter conjunct Chiron in your sign this month; the most positive planet of brazen self-confidence healing the most vulnerable, wounded aspects of yourself you are dealing with? Such an exquisite sense of unconditional self-acceptance, as you are. To fuel all this confident bravado, with genuine personal integrity.

I mean the New Moon of Feb 20th, sharing the 12th house with Venus conjunct Neptune, just before she slips into Aries.

So this Moon is really quite magnificent; to embrace the inner bliss of being aligned with your true cosmic, creative, spiritually aware consciousness. This kind of joy transcends trying to prove anything in the world, more the inner bliss of divine communion.

Also being so naturally radiant, you instantly become desirable in the world.

Especially Venus syncing Lilith and Ceres, Feb 25th.

Your vibe is gorgeous, charismatic, talented & a magnet for romantic attraction. Partly by being hot, looking good in a way that turns people on. Partly reciprocating a beautifully caring chemistry with your special someone, to nurture real love. And partly by being a provocative firebrand, pain in the ass truth-teller, to trigger everyone else big time! Ha ha, even those who find you a bit much, can’t help but be drawn to you, like moths to a flame…

Especially Venus/Jupiter/Chiron conjunct in your sign late Feb, exact by early March. The sheer authenticity of being your true self in the world; revealing your awkward self doubt even as you believe in yourself anyway is so beautiful.

Image: unable to find original credit for this gorgeous picture.


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