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Aries Full Moon, exact 7.57pm Sept 29th, AEST. To the extent Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing lately-in Aries we are volatile and hot-blooded about it! Our moods tend to fluctuate suddenly, and we can be damn impatient when people can't keep up, which we need to watch. But at least we process the emo swiftly, deal with our triggers and keep moving-rather than sit around bitching & brooding, so that's good. And some key planetary influences to consider, for this Moon:

Aries ruler Mars, conjunct the South Node of past karma.

Maybe we embrace our true nature, that we have worked so long to cultivate. The more we can look in the proverbial mirror, and like what we see, with the self awareness to accept ourselves as we are? The more we have the confidence to express ourselves accordingly-and shine like a light bulb! I mean with the healer Chiron conjunct the Destiny Point in Aries, it's quite something to be comfortable in our own skin, with genuine self acceptance. The better to seize the day, and get on with fulfilling our purpose in the world, as we explore our full personal potential.

Maybe this dredges up old issues, of avoiding vulnerability in our relationships because of unresolved personal insecurity? Well, at least we're ready to acknowledge, and deal with it right?

Especially in these strange times of constant anxiety, about how to identify ourselves and deal with one another in socially acceptable ways. With so much judgement being projected at one another, and the temptation to internalise the judgement, with harsh self-criticism? It's such powerful medicine to simply be true to ourselves, with right action according to our own personal integrity...and allow others to do the same!

Because we also have control-freaky Saturn, retro in Pisces trine caring, nurturing Ceres in Scorpio. A deep commitment to self care, emotionally helps us to nourish our relationships with the same unconditional love. No matter how intense our reactions are, to our own self doubt or any dramas being stirred up with one another? The healing vibes, to bring loving acceptance to whatever is going truly golden!

Happy Aries Full Moon folks, lets deal with it like champions x


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