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Ok so the Aries Full Moon is on-exact 7.05am Oct 2nd, AEST. And to the extent Full Moons are a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month; in Aries we are usually brazen as fuq, fully emotionally robust & ready to tackle whatever is coming at us. Especially Aries ruler Mars on bitch Lilith our spunky courage & authenticity is peaking, and ready to fight for our fabulous right to spunky self expression.

Which is great & all, yes-and pretty fab if we have the self awareness to hold our own with as much humility as fiery self determination. Because this can also vibe bombastic & even narky combative if we're not careful -I mean hullo, look a the state of the world right now... everyone is so sure they're right, but could we also benefit from appreciating other people's points of view?

And this is where we need to consider that Mars is retrograde right now; where initiating any kind of conflict/forcing the issue just for the sake of ego or rushing into hare-brained schemes could backfire spectacularly! So lucky this Moon is also square disciplined Saturn & conjunct the healer Chiron-it's really all about looking within, taking a good hard look at our own motivations/intentions etc with fierce moral courage; and making sure we are walking our talk with full integrity/self mastery before we go trying to control or take potshots at anyone else. Know what I mean? A lovely, accepting relationship with self & aligning with our true purpose is the bomb here...we can action whatever passions & ambitions spring from that more effectively when Mars gets moving from mid Nov...

So happy Aries Moon folks, lets keep it real & shine from within x


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