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So Mars spending the last 3 months in your 7th and 8th houses, of relationship dynamics has been a trip. Lots of sexy attraction energy, for quite the passionate mating season! Also any latent conflict or drama suddenly rising up, that you’ve had to deal with might have been a bit exhausting?

So you quite like the liberating energy, of Mars in your visionary 9th house as Sept begins. You feel energised, to embrace expansive personal growth. Feeling the freedom to be adventurous, outside your comfort zone and chase your most visionary dreams.

It’s lovely to be so free within yourself, sans so much relational drama right? Well yes, but also Sept still has an emphasis on healthy relationships, as follows:

After Venus retro in your 7th love/partner sector, for the last few months; wrangling old romantic issues you were ready to get a new perspective on. It’s been real, doing the work to clarify subtle relational dynamics.

So you’ve fully earned the relief, of Venus direct from Sept 4th. It feels so good to flow with renewed harmony, with your loved ones. Maybe sweet, easy moments with your partner to renew the beautiful chemistry you share? Maybe if single/on the prowl, someone sweet turns up, to accept you as you are? It’s nice to enjoy an easier way to love x

Meanwhile Mercury retro recently, in your 8th house of sex, intimacy & deep emotional entanglements. Has been tricky to deal with subtle communication issues, to do with any emotional misunderstandings.

So perfect timing that Mercury turns direct, just in time for the New Moon of September 15th, in your 8th house:

To tease out better, more effective ways to communicate with your loved ones. Certain conversations finally move forward, to appreciate one another’s point of view.

Whether sexy pillow talk with your lover, to be more articulate about sharing vulnerable feelings. And maybe this meeting of minds unleashes passionate intimacy?

And same goes for conversations with family or financial/biz collabs. You figure out a way to keep it real, for ideally mutually beneficial scenarios?

And this New Moon in a grand trine with Pluto in your soul sector and your ruler Uranus, in your home sector:

Jupiter retro in your home sector, joining Uranus also retrograde.

Even if frustrated with one another’s different way of doing things. Or restless, dealing with temporarily thwarted plans to create the domestic situation you desire. Or discombobulated, if home turf gets shaken up, on a personal or real estate level?

Maybe radical new ways to work property choices are your only choice? And you get that family & domestic dynamics work best, when you give one another plenty of emotional oxygen to be free to be yourselves. This could be so liberating!

Also because Pluto retro in your soul sector, square Ceres in your vision sector. Amongst all the relationship dynamics you are busy cultivating in a fab way:

You also get that self care looks like creating some kind of private sanctuary, to focus on transformative spiritual growth. The better to figure out your own meaningful dreams, that you are ready to chase in the world. There is something about the synergy between finessing your own vocational soul path, to balance with your soulmate relationships that feels so good!

Image: Alexander Khokhlov


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