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So Saturn & Jupiter retro in your sign, for the last 3 months has been such a frustrating period of delays & thwarted progress. I mean it has been character building & all, to come to terms with grace under pressure-and you can be proud of whatever inner strength you have been cultivating as circumstances have been holding you back from your full potential…

Because you’ve not just been sitting around waiting for things to get better; you have been doing the real work of gritty personal discipline, stamina and maintaining dynamic plans for the future no matter what. Because with lucky Jupiter in your sign till Jan, the rest of the year looks more hopeful than you currently realize, especially a fab new momentum when Jupiter turns direct from Oct 18th; picking up any hopes & dreams from March you nearly gave up on, that magically re-appear in more realistic form, and ready to follow through from October onwards. Not long till you get your fabulous mojo back, so a positive, life affirming attitude is everything this month right???

Meanwhile the New Moon of Sept 7th in your sex/intimacy sector has sexy, flammable Mars involved, trine sparky Uranus in your domestic sector of shacked up love:

Could be re-igniting the passion in your relationship; certainly with hot bedwork but also, perhaps more importantly, real emotional connection that comes from grappling with the power dynamics & being turned on by one another’s fiery attitude-because mutual respect. Or drama, because unresolved tensions reach boiling point and one or both of you choose bitchy conflict-ok could be revealing but not so much fun, obviously.

Or if single/dating could be a hot seduction (probably on home turf) with all the fireworks -maybe a moment of exciting madness or the beginning of something promising…?

Also could be any family/money issues or weird biz/finance negotiations rising up; and again a timely opportunity to clear the air constructively for mutually advantageous outcomes-much better than dodgy conflict just for the sake of drama-know what I mean?

Especially by the Full Moon of the 21st, on magical Neptune with Mars just in your adventure sector and Venus in your biz sector opposite Uranus for wild, creative inspiration. This is primo time to follow your most visionary sense of purpose, just because it feels so good to believe in your dreams x

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